Open season additional Dutch grid capacity

16 december 2011

Gas Transport Services (GTS) in the Netherlands has recently announced a new open season for additional grid capacity as of October 2017.

On this occasion Gate terminal is gauging market interest in the future demand for LNG throughput capacity. In order to facilitate extra throughput capacity at its terminal in the future additional measures for the grid capacity might be necessary. GTS is consulting the market for their interest in additional (long-term) transport capacity by means of a questionnaire which due date is 21st December 2011.

We draw the attention of parties potentially interested in securing LNG throughput capacity in Gate terminal that the GTS open season offers an opportunity to have seamless coordination between capacity in Gate terminal and in the gas transmission grid of GTS.

For any additional information please contact:
Stefaan Adriaans: +31 6 20 01 65 86,
Roelf Tiktak: +31 6 20 01 93 67,
Feikje Wittermans: +31 6 20 79 80 97,