Primagaz and Gate terminal signed agreement for truck loading

9 December 2013

Primagaz Benelux has signed an agreement with Gate terminal for truck loading at the terminal as from January 2014.

Primagaz will load liquid natural gas (LNG) by truck for distribution to its customers in the Netherlands. This market is expected to grow in the coming period and Primagaz considers LNG as a valuable contribution to their existing activities on the short and on the long term. The transport to the full European market will be handled by PrimaLNG. Both Primagaz Benelux and PrimaLNG are 100% daughter companies of SHV Energy. The agreement marks that Gate terminal grows into a LNG hub.

Gasunie and Vopak, the initiators and partners in Gate terminal, originally developed this terminal as a LNG import terminal. In addition to the importing capacity, Gate terminal is since September 2013 also an export terminal. Through Gate terminal the Netherlands now gets the ability to not only transport gas through the Dutch pipeline network, but also transport LNG as clean alternative to traditional transport fuel for shipping and road trucks. As a first step Gate terminal completed the additional investments to facilitate their customers to berth small vessels and reload LNG in order to support the small scale market and global trading developments. A truck loading station for reloading of LNG will be ready Q1 2014. With this the start of small scale LNG for the use of LNG as fuel is a fact.

For further information, please contact:

Gate terminal B.V.
Ingeborg Ris
T: +31 181 79 90 08
M: +31 6 53 87 82 23

Maarten Bijl
T: +32 13 618 201
M: +32 476 431 813

Profile Primagaz Benelux Primagaz Benelux and PrimaLNG are 100% daughter companies of SHV Energy. SHV Energy is a family-owned company that provides people and businesses with decentralized and personalized energy solutions and services. Over 30 million domestic and industrial customers in South America, Asia and Europe use these energy solutions for hundreds of applications, including heating, cooking, and powering low-polluting vehicles. Primagaz Benelux is the market leader in sales and distribution of LPG solutions to different customer segments Since the last 1,5 year Primagaz is actively developing the LNG market in Belgium, especially targeting the industrial market. With this agreement Primagaz is stepping-up his activities in the Dutch LNG market.