Main steps for applying for access

The first step for a party wishing to have access to the terminal’s services and to use the terminal’s capacity, is to express its interest by contacting Gate terminal B.V. and signing two originals of the standard confidentiality agreement (CA) with Gate terminal B.V. .

By completing those documents and returning it by registered post to the Gate terminal B.V. accompanied with a letter summarizing the applicant’s interest and participation in the LNG/gas market, Gate will elaborate the request and, if applicable, proceed for next steps in the process.

Please be advised that this CA is a standard document applicable to all participants and that material amendments will not be accepted.

The next step is the payment of a non-refundable application fee of €30.000,-  (after receipt by Gate of the signed CA), instructions on payment will follow and Gate will return a counter-signed executed original of the CA.

After Gate has received the application fee, a meeting at the terminal will be organised in order to discuss with Gate the nature of the interest, Gate’s business model and specific wishes. After this meeting, the General Terms and Conditions (GTC’s) may be submitted.

Here you may find more information regarding the regulatory status of Gate terminal and the relevant legal documents applicable for using the services of Gate.

Contract information

Any customer of Gate terminal B.V. signs a throughput agreement (TA) with Gate terminal B.V. However, so-called registered users (RU) have acknowledged the GTC’s and approved them, but may not have signed a throughput agreement yet. Only registered users (in addition to customers) have access to the electronic bulletin board (EBB) of the terminal, where they amongst others can see the actual version of the annual unloading schedule (AUS) and slots offered by capacity holders. If a registered user indicates its interest in acquiring a berthing slot, the nomination is made on the EBB and a transfer will be effectuated.

All customers must comply with the Gate’s credit policy (as set out in the GTC’s). The credit requirements relate to the total charge (and any other amounts which the user may owe to Gate). For each Use It Or Lose It (UIOLI) slot or any other transferred capacity, credit requirements must be satisfied no later than 10 business days before the start of the UIOLI or the so called transfer period.

A permitted transferee (PT) (i.e. Capacity User or Registered User) is permitted to use the terminal capacity (by a transfer or by buying a UIOLI slot). Requirements for becoming a Permitted Transferee are set out in the GTC’s. More information on legal documentation can be found here.

TSO information

The user of terminal services will be responsible for all required arrangements for the delivery of its regasified LNG at the delivery point into the Dutch Grid from the. These arrangements might as well include holding a Shipper Licence as defined under the applicable Transmission Service Conditions (TSC) of GTS. Under certain circumstances the existing customers may transfer GTS entry capacity to a new user (as shipper in the GTS grid) in connection with a release of a UIOLI slot. On the website of GTS more information on the TSO may be found.

Ship procedures

An user may only LNG carriers which are approved by Gate. The approval procedure for LNG Carriers by Gate terminal B.V. includes various steps and is details in the ship approval procedure which can be found here. A list of currently approved LNG Carriers and LNG carriers for which approval is pending is available on the Gate web site and on the EBB. Full approval of an LNG carrier is only granted after a successful discharge at the terminal.

New users are also encouraged to submit a list of the LNG carriers they propose to use for delivery (ies) of LNG to the terminal well ahead of the arrival window for the relevant LNG Carrier. All documents as listed in the ship approval procedure need to be included. A list of approved ships can be found here.