Facilities main characteristics

Gate terminal B.V. is an LNG import terminal and the current terminal facilities comprise:

  • Two jetties to unload LNG Carriers of sizes between 65.000 m3 and 267.000 m3.
  • Three (3) storage tanks (full containment tanks) with a net useable capacity of 180.000m3 each.
  • 8 Open Rack Vaporisers (ORV), for which the warm cooling water of the E.on power plant is used for vaporisation of the LNG to enable a firm daily redelivery capacity equivalent to 12 billion cubic meters of gas per annum (12 BCMA), equivalent to approximately 1,67m (n) m3 per hour (~40m (n) m3 per day)
  • The depth alongside is 14m. More details on the maritime procedures can be found here.

The terminal is located at the entrance of the Port of Rotterdam. View the route description here. The terminal is connected to the GTS grid at entry point 201345.

Service description

The services which Gate terminal B.V. provides to its customers are:

  • Berthing and unloading of LNG carriers
  • Storage of the LNG
  • Processing and regasification of LNG and gas send out in the Dutch national grid
  • Wobbe quality adaptation (WQA) services for adjustment of the Wobbe.

More information: functions terminal.

LNG quality

The quality of gas delivered into the Dutch high pressure transmission system for high calorific natural gas (the Dutch Grid) needs to meet the specifications of the Dutch TSO, Gas Transprt Services B.V. (GTS).

For the Wobbe, Gate offers it’s customers a service to allow for a wider Wobbe band, i.e. a Gross Calorific Value (GCV) 39.5 MJ/m3(n) – 46.7 MJ/m3(n) and a Wobbe 49.9 MJ/m3(n) and 57.24 MJ/m3(n).

As the terminal has a comingled send out it is mandatory for all customers to have an arrangement for WQA services. Gate has subcontracted such services (including operation of any quality conversion equipment) to the TSO.