Truck loading

Approval procedure

Before trailers and ISO containers can be loaded with LNG at Gate terminal, all combination components (truck, trailer as well as the container in the case of an ISO container) must be approved and authorised. This approval procedure focuses primarily on (statutory) safety requirements as well as compatibility with the terminal.

Drivers also need to be registered in advance. In addition to a valid driving licence, they should also have relevant ADR certificates and sufficient knowledge and experience to be able to load and transport LNG safely.

Important stages in the application procedure

The first stage for those interested in the truck loading service is to contact Gate terminal B.V., after which we will send a confidentiality agreement (CA), where necessary. We will then use an initial discussion to provide further information about the available capacity, requirements for approval of trailers/containers and operational procedures.

Once this information has been discussed, we will go through the truck loading service contract with you. This standard contract applies to all customers, which means that it is not possible to make changes. This truck loading service contract comprises agreements between you as customer and Gate terminal B.V., including such things as the number of truck loading slots in a certain period. You can schedule individual truck loading slots at a later time within this framework contract.

As well as the contract for the truck loading service between you as customer and Gate terminal, you should also make agreements with one of our capacity holders regarding the supply from our terminal. As Gate terminal is a multi-user, open access terminal that has no commercial involvement with the LNG product itself, our capacity holders are the designated parties to supply you with LNG from their stock at Gate. Gate can provide the contact details of LNG supplying companies at Gate on request.

Truck procedures

Once your truck, trailer and any ISO container have been approved for use at Gate terminal and the contracts for the truck loading service have been concluded, you can start loading LNG at Gate terminal.

You should do this by scheduling a time slot for the trailer to be loaded. A time slot comprises an arrangement for a two-hour period in which we will load your trailer or container with LNG. Once the loading has finished, we will present you with a loading document stating the loaded quantities (both mass and energy).

Services such as cooling trailers or containers or making these inert are available in combination with loading. Please contact us to make further arrangements regarding this.