Reliable and safe

LNG is liquefied natural gas. When cooling gas to -162 degrees Celsius, it becomes liquid. This reduces its volume by a factor of 600, enabling it to be stored and transported in a very efficient and safe way. LNG is not pressurised and is odourless, non-toxic and non-corrosive. This is one of the reasons it makes a favourable alternative fuel for inland vessels and trucks. The properties of LNG are different from traditional fuels, which means that other safety measures are also required.

Safety has the highest priority at Gate terminal, and we are proud that, since the start of operations, no single accident resulting in injury has occurred. ‘Zero’ is our aim as well as the prevention of near misses and incidents. Our safety procedures are therefore subject to continuous optimisation, so that everyone working at the terminal adheres to the same high safety requirements and standards. A safety culture is just as important. The good results we achieve are mainly due to our staff’s commitment and skills. We always put safety first, so that we can provide services to our customers at the highest safety level as well as ensure that our neighbours can rely on professional business operations.