Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE)

Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE) are a high priority at Gate terminal. These aspects are inextricably linked with processes at an LNG terminal. In the early 1970s the sector started to develop standard codes, equipment and design. This resulted in the LNG industry building an excellent reputation for safety. We also adhere to a strict policy focusing on zero hazardous emissions. Natural gas and LNG are recognised throughout the world as energy carriers with a minimal environmental effect and good safety history.

Gate terminal aims to:

  • create and maintain safe and healthy labour conditions for all persons without the risk of injury
  • protect the environment by reducing the environmental impact of maintenance and business activities
  • ensure that our employees and contractors are trained in the correct performance of their work
  • ensure a good safety culture
  • ensure that HSE considerations are taken into account in all management decisions

Compliance with policy
It is vital that all employees comply with our policy so that we can achieve the highest HSE performance standards. With enthusiasm and by being alert, we focus systematically on the pursuit, implementation and monitoring of:

  • safe operating systems including avoidance of accidents, reduction of hazards and reduction of risks to an acceptable level
  • the permanent sharing of experiences that are gained internally and via stakeholders to ensure ongoing improvements in our HSE performance
  • continuous improvement of our safety culture and HSE performance
  • compliance with the applicable legislation and recognised best practices.

Caring for health, safety and the environment is the responsibility of us all. Responsibility and care for health, safety and the environment together form an integral part of our daily activities and are inextricably linked to these.