N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie (Gasunie) and Koninklijke Vopak N.V. (Vopak) are initiators and partners of Gate terminal. Both companies have the expertise required to operate an LNG import terminal, with this first Dutch LNG import terminal on Maasvlakte in Rotterdam, forming a unique pooling of knowledge and experience.

Versatile expertise
Gasunie and Vopak both have extensive experience in managing independent terminals, handling cargo delivered by carrier, efficient stock management for customers, storage of LNG and the conversion of LNG into natural gas. The management of gas quality and a safe, efficient connection to the domestic gas transport network complete their collective expertise.

Royal Vopak
Vopak is the world’s largest independent tank terminal operator, specialised in the storage and transfer of liquefied and gaseous chemicals and oil products. Vopak provides logistics services for the terminal’s customers, where required, and operates a global network of terminals. These are located on strategic sites in terms of both users and important shipping routes. Its customers are mainly chemical and oil industry companies for which Vopak stores a wide range of products, which are then distributed to numerous industries.

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Nederlandse Gasunie

Gasunie is an energy infrastructure company with a leading position in Europe. Gasunie’s natural gas pipeline network in the Netherlands and Germany has a length of over 17,000 kilometers and, with a throughput of over 100 billion m3, ranks as one of the largest high pressure networks in Europe. Gasunie also develops infrastructure for the transport of CO2, hydrogen and heat, and facilitates the technology development and import of green gas.

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