Commercial Department

Gate terminal has grown from an LNG transit terminal into a much broader service provider. Gate terminal plays an essential role in the global logistics chain for liquefied natural gas. Our goal is to support our customers in the further development of natural gas and LNG markets. Our flexible and innovative services enable us to make an effective contribution to our customers’ ambitions. We fulfill this function in close collaboration with clients such as OMV, Glencore, Shell and Uniper.

The Commercial Department focuses on selling services and on the processing and planning of requests for loading, unloading and storing LNG, as well as the onward distribution of the product. Moreover, Commercial staff develop new products and services based on the changing wishes of customers.

Gate terminal meets the needs of varied markets. In addition to supplying the Dutch gas network, LNG has proven to be increasingly popular as transport fuel for trucks and ships, among other modes of transport. We have modern infrastructure for loading LNG on ships and trucks, which then distribute the product further.