The most recent sale of throughput capacity (including berthing rights, storage and regasification) was effectuated at a price of 12.5 million € per BCM.

This price is subject to escalation as follows.

If the value of the CPI on 1 January of a given year of the Service Period has increased from the value of the CPI for the RFO Month, then each of the components of the Service Charges (after adjustment in accordance with the Special Terms and Conditions) will be adjusted for annual inflation by multiplying those components by the Escalation Factor, and those components, when so adjusted, will provide the basis for the then current Service Charges for the duration of such year.

  • Escalation Factor means, on the day of determination, the amount derived from the following formula:

Escalation Factor = 0.70 + (0.30 * CPImonth y-1/CPIRFO Month)


  • CPI means the consumer price index published under the name “Consumentenprijsindices (CPI) alle huishoudens, 2000 = 100” on the website of the Dutch Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek (CBS) (http://www.cbs.nl);
  • CPImonth y-1 means the value of the CPI as published for the month preceding the month in which the Escalation Factor is determined; and
  • CPIRFO Month means the value of the CPI as published for the RFO Month;
  • Gate assumes no liability for any loss or damage from any inaccuracies, interruption, incompleteness, delay or omission of the above information.