Facts & Figures

Technical details:

  • Location: Maasvlakte, port area in Rotterdam
  • Size of site: 35 hectares
  • Three storage tanks
  • Three jetties
  • Three loading sites for road tankers
  • LNG throughput capacity: 12 bcm/year
  • Net tank capacity: 180,000 m3. Gross tank capacity: 200,000 m3
  • Tank dimensions: 40 metres high at the sides and 55 metres in the centre, diameter approximately 86 metres
  • Type of tank: ‘full containment’ (double-walled with steel inner tank, thick thermal insulation and concrete outer tank)
  • Loading speed (unloading capacity): 12,500 m3/hour LNG
  • Vessels: all standard-type LNG carriers including the largest LNG carriers in the world with a capacity of approximately 270,000 m3, up to 350 metres in length and a draught of approximately 12.5 metres
  • Start of terminal operations: September 2011