What our employees say

Dolf Heijmans | HSSEQ advisor

“As HSSEQ (Health, Safety, Security, Environment & Quality) advisor, I am responsible for the implementation and realization of the HSSEQ policy so that the organization complies with the statutory obligations and internal policy. LNG is a unique product; it responds very differently than other hazardous substances. As safety advisor, I must therefore be operationally up-to-date on the planned activities and monitor whether they are performed safely. To do this, I maintain a great deal of personal contact with colleagues and external parties. Working at Gate is very pleasant. We really have an open-door policy. Because the organization is not very large, the lines of communication are short and the management team is available to everyone. In addition, I find it very comforting to know that there are no contaminating substances at Gate. My aim is to bring the terminal to a higher level in terms of safety. I started at Gate in 2013 as an operator. I had the opportunity to follow a safety training program and to move on to the Safety Department. This certainly indicates that Gate stands behind its employees as well as their ambitions.”

René Meijvogel | C&I Technician

“As C&I Technician, I focus on the maintenance of measuring and control equipment – Preventive Maintenance (PM) and Corrective Maintenance (CM). PM consists of test activities – for example, verifying and functionally testing pressure, fluid level, temperature measurements, controls and security installations. CM can involve breakdowns or defects that are observed by Operations or other departments. It’s nice to work in an environment that is clean, open and orderly. It is a fairly new terminal with modern systems and equipment. The work is varied: one time, you’re standing outside repairing an instrument, and the next thing you know, you are in the engineering room sitting at the DCS system investigating a problem. The collaboration with colleagues in different departments makes the work interesting. My desire is to try to maintain my technical nowledge and, where possible, to introduce improvements to keep the terminal in ideal condition. Furthermore, I especially want to make sure that my work and private life are well balanced.”