Gate terminal shows another year of growth

7 January 2016

Gate terminal, a subsidiary of Gasunie and Vopak, today announced that for the fourth year in a row, it has increased its LNG throughput volumes. Gate’s customers unloaded and reloaded a total number of 49 vessels in 2015 compared to 34 ships in 2014.

21 Unloading vessels arrived from Norway, Qatar and Algeria, which is an increase of 7 (2014: 14). The number of large loads doubled from 7 to 14, while the number of loads into small scale carriers under 20,000 m3 increased from 13 to 14. The number of first caller vessels berthing at Gate in 2015 amount to 17. The reloaded LNG has been delivered in large LNG carriers to Argentina, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Jordan, South Korea, Egypt and India. Small reload carriers delivered to Sweden and Norway. As of 2015 Gate terminal offers transshipment services to its customers. In 2016 the service portfolio will be further enhanced. From mid-2016 small carriers can be loaded at the dedicated third LBBR (LNG Break Bulk Rotterdam) jetty, which is currently under construction. Since start-up 15 different customers have used the truck loading service (2014: 7). Truck loading has shown a strong increase in 2015 to all market segments; off grid industrial applications fuel for trucks, fuel for barges and fuel for seagoing vessels, with 788 trucks and containers being loaded (2014: 174). A second truck loading bay is under construction.”