Mission & Vision

Gate terminal provides an essential part of the logistics chain for the supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG). We make it possible for our customers to convert LNG into natural gas and supply it to industry and households in Northwest Europe. In addition, customers can supply LNG from Gate terminal for use as fuel for ships and trucks. Our employees, services and facilities at our terminal guarantee reliable, safe and environmentally friendly operations. We help our customers to further develop the natural gas and LNG markets with flexible and innovative services that are always adapted to changing circumstances and markets. We do this from our strategic location in Rotterdam, the largest European port, and connected to the most active European gas trading market, the Dutch TTF (Title Transfer Facility).

In our society, the demand for energy is increasing, while the impact of energy consumption on health and the environment needs to be improved. Natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) meet these needs very well and will therefore continue to play an important role for decades to come. The supply of and trade in LNG will increase considerably because there is much LNG around. Companies that import LNG therefore contribute to a high reliability of the gas supply in Europe. LNG is also an important substitute fuel in the transition to cleaner transport over long distances, both by ship and by truck. Replacement with LNG helps society to improve air quality for its citizens and reduce engine noise.