Eneco brings state of the art LNG carrier to Gate terminal

20 April 2013

On 20 April 2013 the LNG carrier ‘Al Khuwair’ has arrived at Gate LNG terminal at the Maasvlakte Rotterdam.

The arrival of the Al Khuwair marks the first time an LNG carrier of the Q-flex series calls at Rotterdam. The carrier has a capacity of 217,000 m3 liquefied natural gas (LNG) with a length of 315 meters and a width of 50 meters. In the past carriers of the Q-Max series, as well as ´conventional’ sized ships have called at Gate. The Q-Flex carriers are a new generation of LNG mega-ships. The arrival of this first Q-Flex highlights the capability of accepting all types of large LNG carriers at Gate. The carrier ‘Al Khuwair’ is Eneco’s first LNG delivery this year and Eneco’s third LNG cargo since the start of operations of the Gate terminal in 2011. This delivery stems from the term supply contract that Eneco concluded some years ago. Eneco considers LNG a valuable addition on the short and long term to the already diversified gas portfolio. Furthermore having LNG in-tank is a necessary prerequisite for developing the small scale LNG market. This market is considered to have a large potential, driven by up-coming emission restrictions for sea transport within the EU coastal areas.