Gate terminal on roll

7 February 2012

Gate terminals flow rate reaches the million m3 per hour.

The severe cold has sharply increased the demand for natural gas in Europe resulting in Gate delivering huge volumes of gas into the grid for its customers. This is the first time the new LNG terminal has been requested to supply such vast quantities since its opening in September 2011. Monday the flawless delivery of approximately 1 million m3 of gas per hour was achieved into the Dutch high pressure grid, resulting in the largest delivery of natural gas for our customers. The maximum delivery the terminal can achieve is 1.6 million m3 of gas per hour.

Imported LNG will be regasified and stored under pressure at the terminal before it is supplied at a constant rate to the Dutch transmission network. By the current demand the terminal makes a contribution to the supply of natural gas and supporting the role of The Netherlands in the gas roundabout of Western Europe.