Gate terminal expand its capabilities

6 July 2022

Gate terminal takes 3 initiatives to strengthen its position in the security of supply of Northwest Europe

Increase in truck loading capabilities

This year the number of truck loading operations in each month has been higher than last year’s same month. This has resulted in congestion and as a mitigation Gate terminal has a.o. used its spare truck loading bay. Gate terminal has now decided to go for a more structural solution by building 2 additional truck loading bays which are expected to become operational in second half of 2023.

Increase in send-out

Following modifications, investments and successful tests Gate terminal is now able to continue offering its expanded send-out capability also through the winter. The annual capacity is now 12 BCM on a firm basis and in addition 4 BCM on an interruptible basis. In 2021 the send out capacity was 12 BCM.

Open season for an additional 4BCM send-out

Gate terminal has started working on permit application, regulatory conditions and technical feasibility with the aim of launching an open season on tentatively 15 August to increase the firm annual capacity by 4 BCM. Such an expansion would include a 4th tank. Subject to smooth cooperation of all stakeholders such capacity could become continuously available between 1 October 2025 and 1 October 2026.