10-year anniversary

2 September 2021

On 1 September 2021 Gate terminal celebrated its 10-year anniversary. On this day in 2011, Gate terminal started delivering its services to customers.

Over this ten-year period, Gate terminal has been able to maintain an excellent safety standard, without any Lost Time Injuries (LTI). Also, Gate has expanded and diversified its portfolio of services to respond to the needs of the market and has developed into an internationally leading LNG-hub.

Gate terminal is looking forward to continuing its journey, consistently providing an outstanding service to its customers as well as maintaining its excellent safety record. And we will continue to develop. We will expand and further diversify our services and our throughput capacity for LNG and aim to make further steps towards decarbonisation.

We thank our customers and our stakeholders for placing their faith in us and are doing everything we can to live up to their expectations.